boost::simd::logical< T > Struct Template Reference


template<typename T>
struct boost::simd::logical< T >

Typed boolean value.

logical<T> is a typed boolean value which can be vectorized in a portable manner (contrary to bool). Its semantic is equivalent to bool in all aspects, however, a compiler dependent, optimized bool-to-type conversion may be performed.

T models Vectorizable
Template Parameters
TType the boolean value is generated from.

Public Member Functions

 logical ()=default
 Default constructor.
 logical (logical const &)=default
 Copy constructor.
 logical (bool v)
 Constructor from boolean value.
template<typename U >
 logical (U &&v)
 Constructor from non-boolean value.
logical operator~ () const
 Bitwise complement operator.
logical operator! () const
 Logical not operator.
logical operator+ () const
 Unary + operator.
 operator bool () const
 Convert a logical value to bool.
bool value () const
 Explicitly convert a logical value to bool.