boost::simd::is_logical_mask< T > Struct Template Reference


template<typename T>
struct boost::simd::is_logical_mask< T >

Is a SIMD vector both bitwise_logical and contain either all 0 or ~0.

This metafunction represents a subset of is_bitwise_logical and returns true if the same SIMD registers are used by both arithmetic and logical vectors and if logical vectors are represented by either all 0 or ~0. This is assumed to be true - otherwise overloads must be provided on architectures where logical types are bitwise_logical but do not contain either all 0 or ~0 - for example qpx.

boost::simd::meta::is_logical_mask<T>::value = true/false
T- a SIMD register on the target architecture

Inherits boost::simd::is_bitwise_logical< T >.