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template<typename Value , typename Pointer , typename Offset >
void boost::simd::store ( Value const &  val,
Pointer const &  ptr,
Offset const &  offset,
Mask const &  mask 

Store a value at an arbitrary memory location.

Store a given value into a random memory location referenced by either a pointer or a pointer and an offset. To support SIMD idioms like data scattering or non-POD values, both pointer and offset arguments can themselves be SIMD register or Fusion Sequences.

Header <boost/simd/function/store.hpp>

store semantic is similar to aligned_store semantic except for the fact that memory location doesn't need to be aligned.

valValue to store
ptrMemory location to store val to
offsetOptional memory offset. Can be either a scalar or a SIMD type of same cardinal than the value to write (scatter).
maskOptional logical mask. Only stores values for which the mask is true.