◆ deinterleave_second()

Value boost::simd::deinterleave_second ( Value const &  x,
Value const &  y 

This function object performs the extraction of the second part of a boost::simd::pack containing two channels of data.

Header <boost/simd/function/deinterleave_second.hpp>
For any type T and any integral constant N greater than 1, let's consider two values x and y of type boost::simd::pack<T,N> , the following code: is equivalent to :
boost::simd::pack<T,N> r{x[N/2], x[N/2+1], ..., x[N-1], y[N/2], y[N/2+1], ..., y[N-1]};
xFirst part of the data to deinterleave
ySecond part of the data to deinterleave
A boost::simd::pack containing the deinterleaved value of the second data channel.