◆ deinterleave()

std::array<Value, 2> boost::simd::deinterleave ( Value const &  x,
Value const &  y 

This function object performs a complete deinterleaving of its arguments.

deinterleave is guaranteed to be optimized as much as possible compared to using boost::simd::deinterleave_first and boost::simd::deinterleave_second in succession.

Header <boost/simd/function/deinterleave.hpp>
For every parameters x and y of type T :
std::array<T,2> r = deinterleave(x,y);
is equivalent to :
std::array<T,2> r = { deinterleave_first(x,y), deinterleave_second(x,y) };
xFirst argument to deinterleave
ySecond argument to deinterleave
An array of two boost::simd::pack containing the deinterleaved data from the arguments